Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The first 2010 Boden Q&A!

I always wanted to be: A ballerina
If I ever owned a luxury yacht, I'd: sail the Mediterranean all summer.
I always feel sentimental when: I hear "Wonderful Tonight"
Favorite Italian food: ALL OF IT
Best way to survive a blind date: Order a good meal
Favorite vacation spot: The beach
What's your New Year's Resolution: Lose 10 pounds
Last thing I have at night: milk/tea/water
The man of my dreams: Is out there...right?
Companion animal of choice: Karen's westies
Best place to be in spring: outside
When I grow up, I want to: be a mom
Fastest way to get in a holiday mood: Start packing
Best thing to wake up to: Sunshine
I've decided I'm a frustrated: Diva
Most romantic thing a man can do: give me flowers
What do men think about when they're fishing: the fish
A friend will: be loyal
When a man gives me flowers: I give him a big kiss
Best person to be with when I want to celebrate: My best friend
My signature dish is: Carbonara
Favorite guilty pleasure: Jeni's ice cream
I could spend the whole day shopping for: Books/Clothes/make-up/food
If I was more of a risk taker, I'd: sky-dive
My proudest achievement: Doing Parade
You know a man is committed when: he hangs out with your family voluntarily
On Sunday afternoon you'll find me: reading
My favorite beach is: Duck, NC
Thing I'd change about the 21st century: teleporting would exist.
Best thing to do on a deserted beach: swim without a suit ;-) (almost did this with Di in Galveston!)
Best person to talk to after a bad day: Tiffany
What's always in my picnic basket: some sort of dessert
Survival tip for long flights: A big fat book, my iPod, and crossword puzzles
Greatest athletic feat--on water:  bodysurfing
Survival tip for a night in a tent: A very good sleeping bag and pillow
If I didn't need to work, I'd: travel, sing and write
Don't knock: Jane!
When was the last time you cried: Hmmm...can't remember

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