Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1001 Things

(stole this from Jane...well, most of it. Some ideas are mine, and I've eliminated things that don't apply to me at all. Like med school :)) Red are things I've done

January 1, 2010 – September 28, 2012
 1. Run a 5K (I've walked one) 
2. Run a 10K
 3. Run a ½ marathon 
4. Run a full marathon 
5. Lose 30 pounds 
6. Once a week, jot a note about something that makes me happy
 7. Leave a postcard inside a PS book
 8. Find a church I love 
9. Attend church 100 times 
10. Be credit card debt free 
11. Read the bible cover to cover (in the process...)
12. Grow fresh vegetables in my yard
 13. Fall hopelessly in love 
14. Donate 100 hours to charity each year
 15. Use my passport at least once 
16. Refresh my French to conversational ability 
17. Take a self defense class 
 20. Organize iTunes 
21. Organize old photos and get everything digitized 
22. Visit 6 new states 
23. Cut down a Christmas tree 
24. Cook a complete meal once a month 
25. Snail mail one card a week to various people
27. Clean out and organize garage 
28. Maintain garden 
29. Tip a server 100% 
 31. Find a mentor and work with him/her
 32. Get all A’s  (1st semester,sophomore year of college)
33. Ride in a hot air balloon
 35. Make bread from scratch
 37. Try yoga 
39. Watch 26 movies that each start with a different letter, A-Z that I have never seen before (this is way cool)
 40. Take 6 weekend trips to places I have never been before
45. Take a dance class 
48. Donate blood (can't, as we know my veins are AWFUL)
49. Build a headboard 
50. Purchase furniture I like
 51. Hang paintings I like  
53. Find out if I’m a CF carrier  (yes, I am. :-D)
54. End 1001 days with every article of clothing in my closet and drawers actually fitting
 55. Sleep under the stars 
56. Find out my blood type 
58. Pay for a random table’s meal 3x 
60. Go to Oktoberfest 
61. Vote in all major elections  (it's part of my job!)
62. Volunteer for a political campaign (again, part of my job)
63. Spa day – mani, pedi, facial, massage, blowout 
64. Go on a picnic
 65. Build a snowman 
66. Kiss in the rain (well, OK, snow)
68. Eat raw food only for 2 weeks
 69. Try rockclimbing 
70. Kiss under mistletoe
72. Develop relationship with all professors 
 74. Visit San Francisco 
75. Visit Virginia Beach
 76. Kiss someone I care about at midnight on New Year’s Eve 
77. Maintain blog as history of my life 
78. Finish thinking of 101 things I want to do...
And here are my additions:
79. Read all of Edith Wharton
80. GET my passport
81. Go to Europe
82. Finish my MA

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The Fashion Vagabond said...

I think you should do numbers 80-81 this year. :)