Friday, January 08, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. XX

OK, first, a good thing--today's North Market haul: 4 blood oranges, 5 Pink Lady apples, 4 oz. of currents (I always buy these when they have them, so I can make Irish Soda Bread), 3 shallots, 8 ox. of honeyrun farm honey (southwest of here--it's sooo good), 4 oz. of aged English cheddar from the cheese dudes (it is so good!), milk from a local dairy (also sooo good), and....Jeni's ice cream. Because I haven't had any in months!

The reason I went shopping is that I had NO food in the house. Of course, I chose to do my semi-annual Fridge Purge this week. Amidst the White Death (at least that's what the forecasters should've called it)
Shopping had to happen. This was only a quick trip, so I might have to head out again tomorrow for more things, but at least I have basic provisions now and can bake/cook things in the kitchen.

Speaking of White Death: The drive to work today, post-storm, was easy. The roads were just wet. Yesterday, it took me 70 minutes to go 12 miles. I was not amused.

I was also not amused by the woman in the Black CR-V who decided, at 7:15 this morning (read: still dark), to NOT have her lights on. At all. Good thinking.

I managed to get through the piles of paper that were waiting for me, post-vacation, by today. Next week committees start up again, so that will add to the busy-ness, but no sessions until after MLK day. Then we have the governor's State of the State Address (the last one of this term) the week after. It's going to be a busy session until the summer, when everyone leaves to go campaign. We also have to pass a capital budget this year, which is "bricks and mortar" building stuff around the state.

Books of 2010 (cont.): A Year in Provence, and three American Girl "Girl of the Year" books (Yes, I read kid lit. Yes, I Like It): Laine, Mia, and Bravo, Mia! (Mia is an ice skater, so I like her books).  And some cookbooks, because I read them for fun: Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone, The Amish Cook at Home.

Planning on relaxing this weekend. There are a lot of good movies out, but it's so cold I don't really want to venture out. I have a Lay Dominicans meeting on Sunday at church, which I am looking forward to, especially since I have the Breviary now!


MrsKruse said...

If you like A Year in Provence, make sure you read the rest of his Provence books. They are some of my favorites :)

The Fashion Vagabond said...

I agree with Candi! I love Peter Mayle. My favorites are "Provence A to Z" and "French Lessons." Be sure to check them out! I'd also recommend a book by Frances Mayes, "A Year in the World."