Monday, January 25, 2010

Audition: Titanic

So tonight were the auditions for Phoenix Theater for Children's Titanic benefit concert.
Having seen the show when I was 17, and immediately fallen in love, this was a night I was really excited about. So excited I even forgot it was Monday!
I got there early, around 6:30, when my audition was set for 7:15. Kristin, the Parade music director, was there, acting as accompanist, so that was great. Of course, on the way I'd listened to the soundtrack, and "Lady's Maid", the Three Kate's piece, ended as I pulled in. Since I wanted to play Kate McGowan, I took this as a good sign.
My two pieces were ready to go. Robin had given me some good intro tips, which helped enormously. Tonight was the only audition night, and there looked to be 25-30 people on the audition list.  There were two girls about my age, two men about my age, and an older woman (maybe 60?) when I was there.
I was called in around 7:05. I showed Kristin my cuts, gave her my tempos, and introduced myself. I did "The Gentleman Is a Dope" first, then went to "As If We Never Said Good-bye."
If felt fantastic. Kristin and I work well together (at least I think so!) and the whole time the directors were smiling and looked really happy. They had great respnses and I fed off that.
When I finished the ballad, the direcotr closed his eyes and went "Ahhhh. How lovely."
(Yeah, I felt like doing a little jig right there.)
We talked for a bit--he asked me about my availability, how I'd heard about auditions, etc.--and I mentioned I'd seen the show when I was in high school (on Broadway). The other director scribbled that down on my sheet. Actually, he was scribbling a lot of things, and I had to fight the temptation to go, "Can I see that?" I was asked about Parade, said it was a great show.
I should find out by the end of the week (hopefully before voice on Thursday), and am way excited to hear.
Either way, it felt GREAT. I left singing "Doing the Latest Rag."

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MrsKruse said...

Congrats, Emily! Hoping for good news for you!