Friday, January 01, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday Vol. XIX--The New Year's Edition

Happy 2010 everyone! I hope you have a blessed year full of love and fun with family and friends.

New Year's has never been a big holiday for me or my family. I had a boyfriend in college who loved it. It might have been his favorite holiday. Me? Not so much.

That being said, I have been to NYC on New Year's Eve, which is the pinnacle of NYE activities in the U.S. It was crazy, but fun, and I'm glad I did it. It was during my senior year of college, where seven of us crammed into an NYC hotel room for two nights. That was really my first time in the city for longer than one night (I had been, once, in high school, to visit my Aunt who lived there), and it was magical. Cold, but magical. Since it was 2003, the rebuilding of ground zero had not yet begun, so my friends and I went to see the site on New Year's Day of 2004. It was a solemn way to begin the new year, but also appropriate that we went and remembered that day and the brave men and women who died.

I don't usually make new year's resolutions, either; I'm never able to keep them, and, when I did make them, they were usually something like, "stop biting my nails." Which, as anyone who knows me knows, hasn't happened in the 20+ years I've been making that resolution.  That doesn't mean I don't believe in self-improvement; I've just never been good at New Year's resolutions.

That said--I do have some ideas this year. Pay off the rest of my credit cards, finish my MA pre-reqs (or at least 4 of the 6, if I don't get to all 6), and get in shape. My best friend is getting married in August, so that's definite motivation to look my best at the wedding. I have eight months and change to do something about it, so I intend to.

And there are some big things to look forward to this year, namely, my five year anniversary.
Five years! Can you believe it? I sure can't. In July, we will hit that milestone.  FIVE YEARS! (can you tell I'm super excited?)

My Christmas vacation ends on Monday, but I still have THREE MORE DAYS. It's been a great Christmas season. Enjoy the rest of it while you can!

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