Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Way to start 2007...

with a day at the resort! I had hoped to go back to work today, but nooo, probably not until Thursday at the earliest now.
I had an appointment at 7:30, NPO in case Dr. A wanted to do a bronch. So we do labs, CXR, PFTs (57% today, up 3 points). We do the DLCO (also up, I forget by how much). But Dr. A wants to do a bronch, so we get set up to do that, started around 10:30. They must've done a lot of digging because I'm very sore and felt congested afterwards, but the nurses/Julie/Dr.A told me that they put a lot of "wash" (saline) down there to get samples so that's probably why. I didn't wake up on C5 until probably about 2, 3:00...must've had a lot of good stuff, let me tell you. :) So we're going to see what "grows out" of what we took, and we may do a 3-day 2-3 hour steriod infusion (outpatient) if we need to. We also re-started the Levoquin.

Whew, so that was fun! I came back to the apt., slept, and then my parents came over around 8 to make sure I took my drugs and to see that I was OK, because I was kind of not so OK when I came home--nauseous, etc. But I feel OK now.

On the plus side, I lost 5 pounds! Woohoo! So I guess this whole "let's eat better" thing is working. Or maybe it's because I've got my energy back and I'm moving. I don't know. But I'll take 5 pounds. Although it is still so weird to talk about losing weight as a good thing about 11-12 years of it being verboten . Very odd. I still have to get my mind around all this.

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