Thursday, January 18, 2007

Update time...

So I went to the resort today, and I didn't have to stay for torture! Yay!! I am going in on the 29th for an appt. and potential bronch, which means I have to go NPO, which doesn't make me happy, because if we don't bronch, then my first order of business post-appt. is breakfast. Which I will have to get at work. And will throw off BSLs, probably. oh well.

But anyway, back to today. PFTs holding steady, although my FVC (forced vital capacity, which I think measures the total amount of air you take in in toyr lungs) was 67, which is up a ton from last week. Go me!! The FEV1 (how much air you blow out in 1 second) was 56, which is about the same as last week (55). Weight is the same (whew, last week was a really bad eating week so I was worried), and the CXR looked OK. There are still some crackles in the lower lobes, but (!) we have reduced the evil aerosols to only once a day, yay!!

So the 29th will be innnteresting...hopefully nothing exciting (on this front, anyway) happens before then!

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