Monday, January 15, 2007


a really, really good weekend, Noah's Flood notwithstanding!
I actually felt good this weekend, which was helpful because David was here for the first time since the first weekend in had been way too long!!

Friday I made an awesome apple "tatin" thing from Ina Garten (aka The barefoot Contessa), which is so divinely good I will never eat apple pie again because I can have this. Branden, Andrea and Tom came over and they wanted to the eat the tart, but I said nooooo because I was saving it in case David wanted any. (As usual, he didn't. He's really not a dessert guy. But oh well) It was nice to be able to have people over and not feel like I wanted to fall asleep!

Saturday I managed to get some things done around the apartment (I was like freakin' Martha Stewart, I'm telling you) and David came around dinnertime. I made a great Greek dinner--tomato and shrimp casserole (more like a really good stew, it's so yummy!), pita with tzatzki , a sort-of yogurt dip with mint and cucumbers that is sooo good, and asparagus with lemon and olive oil dressing. So that was really yummy. We also watched Thank You For Smoking --if you haven't seen it, you must, because it is great! Aaron Ekhart plays a lobbyist for the tobacco companies who is also trying to impart moral living messages to his impressionable 10 year old son. Great cast including Maria Bellow, Robert Duval, Katie Holmes (before she became Mrs. Cruise, she is really enjoyable in this film) and Rob Lowe as a hysterically funny Hollywood producer (great scene in a kimono).

Sunday we went to Mass (duh!) and had lunch at Longhorn (mmmm steak...well, for David), hung out at my parents' house while we did laundry, and then came back here. Sean, Andrea, Tom and Branden came over and we had pizza, watched Desperate Housewives and played my new game, Imaginiff?, which is like, "Imaginiff Emily was a road sign, what kind of road sign would she be?" and you get 6 choices. Then everyone votes. It's quite nice. The funny thing is, it's based on how well you know people, and David won. He's met everyone, um, once, and we've known each other for going on 10 years. Go figure. :)

David left around lunchtime today and I've got choir tonight. But it was nice to have a normal weekend for a change!!

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