Friday, January 05, 2007


An unexpected benefit of the steriods is that ice cream is really one of the only things that gets rid of the nasty taste. But I don't want to eat so much that I lose any ground I've gained weight wise (you know, I really hate talking about losing weight. I really, really do. Why can't I have good lungs and weight 115 pounds or so? Huh???). So it's a dilemma. But I do have to eat something. So ice cream and cookie crisp (cereal works well, too, as does oatmeal, I would imagine. But that's tomorrow's breakfast).

Post-infusion tremors have set in pretty well so my handwriting looks a bit suspect. Times like this I really, really love computers. Oh well. At least I'm going to be now so it's not like I have to do anything for the next seven + hours...huzzah!

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