Sunday, January 28, 2007

Too young

I was reading another blog post today where someone wrote that a person who, at 59, had just died, had "died too young." Comments like this bug me, because to me, 59 is pretty good. You're one year shy of sixty, six years out from retirement. You've had almost 6 decades on earth to study, marry (or not), live your life, and enjoy it (hopefully, if you have the mind to). Fifty-nine's not young. Six is, or 14, 17, 25, or even 30. Babies dying is "dying too young." But 59? That to me is kind of pushing it. I know this is the era where everyone expects to live to be 80+, and, believe me, if my parents, who are both 50, died tomorrow, I would be upset beyond belief. But I wouldn't say they "died too young." I would mourn the fact that they didn't see Mel graduate from high school, or Bryan from college, and never saw us get married or know their grandchildren. Those things are sad, and things they should have enjoyed, under the 'normal' scheme of life. But "too young"?

I know this might come off as insensitive, but it's just the way I feel. Of course, I'm biased. When I was younger I thought 30 would be pretty good. Now that that's only, um, about 5 years off, not so much. But it's another reason to live every day to the fullest and not get bogged down in the stupid things ( soo much easier said than done, I know. Right now I feel like I'm bogged down in nothing but stupid things). Thought I'd share...

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