Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday AM update

Still here...but might be getting out today or tomorrow! Tomorrow is probably more likely, though. Dr. Astor is back in town today so he will look at what we've been doing and go from there...I think I am down to two (or three) steriod treatments, which is good, but I'm still on at least 1 IV antibiotic, plus the levoquin. The cultures are still looking good, so no rejection and it's not a virus. Yay! The bloog sugar levels are still all out of whack, though, so we're trying to get those back down. I really, really want some fruit but can't have any because that would just send the sugar levels through the roof, so I'm drinking lots of water and diet soda. It's hot in here and I;m trying to stay cool. I;m also desperate to wash my hair but since I've got the port hooked up that could be tricky, plus I've got a headache (probably from the high BS levels) so I don't think I could handle washing my own very, very long hair right now (which is getting cut ASAP once I'm out of this joint.).
Reading Jane Eyre which I read back in h.s. for AP English but I'm liking it better this time around. Also having lots of fun shopping on Amazon and making up a list...hey, I've got to milk this for something right?
Only two more weeks until I see David...yay!
OK all for now, lunch should be coming soon. Oh the joy!!

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