Friday, December 01, 2006

TX follow-ip visit

OK after all the "frivolous" posts below (oh, you know you like them!), I should probably give y'all an update on my clinic appt. today.

Per usual, I had labs at 8, to check immunosuppresant levels, kidney and other organ function, and other levels that will tell us whether or not we need to adjust med doses. The infusion clinic, where they access my port to draw blood (thank God!) is getting decked out for Christmas, and I got to say it's looking pretty good. Thye had the cutest teddy bear attached to a red velvet stocking that I loved. That's one of the benefits of going to a children's hospital--they tend to really decorate well for holidays, especially Christmas, because you really, really don't want to be in the hospital for Christmas. But I digress.

After that, I go to Main radiology to have a Chest XRay (CXR in medical jargon) done, and that usually takes all of five minutes. If I had a dollar for every CXR I've had...well I wouldn't be going to work tomorrow, that's for sure. But anyway. I can't sit in the regular waiting room, even if wearing a mask, so I hang out "in the back" by the exam rooms--many, many fewer people back there. You also get to watch the inpatients going in and out, which can be interesting.

Following that, I go back to the clinic where I do PFTs with the pulmonary techies (it was Kathy and Muffy today). I had a 63% FEV1 which is up from last time, and the score of my "hold your breath for 10 seconds so we can check gas diffusions" test (aka the evil Cleveland Clinic test) was 65%, up 5 points. We also have a new test that measures lung inflammation--you want the number to be under 25, and I was 13.2. So all the numbers were happy, even weight, because I think I managed to lose a few pounds (OK, like two), but still, after turkey day,I'm happy. Dr. Astor was also happy, and no changes thus far. Julie (the nurse coordinator) also updated my mennigitis vaccine before my surgery in January, since there's going to literally be "Messing with my head." :) I also met with the social worker briefly.

Today I also visited my endocrinologist, Dr. Hardin, who is switching my insulin doses. Apparently we're going to mix the lantus (long-acting insulin) with Humera (or something...humerus, whatever), a short-acting insulin, before dinner, and then use the Humera pen before breakfast and lunch. So we'll see how that works. My blood sugars have been high after lunch and dinner so hopefully this new program will provide better control. But other than that everything is going well.

I go back in January for a physical w/ Dr. A before my surgery Jan.17. So I get a little "holiday break" from the Resort. Yay!

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