Friday, December 15, 2006

Now I'm really getting sprung!

OK so now I'm really getting sprung! We thought it was going to be yesterday, but with the abdominal pain and such, we found a spot of fluid on the L side that we wanted another look at today. But everything looks good and the PFTs to 65%, so that is good! We did an abdominal ultrasound series this morning but I think everything was OK on that. So I will be going home later, provided everything looks good, and will be on the levaquin (oral) and the IV med until Christmas Day, which isn't to bad. At least it'll be done before the family reunion on the 27th! (and when David gets here!)
I will be at my parents' for awhile...I think tonight's plan is to go get some new DVDs with the Wal-Mart gift card I got here last night ($50!!) and hang out at home. maybe Tiff/Branden will come over...who knows? I could certainly use the company!!

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