Friday, December 29, 2006


OK, wow, lots going on and I'm feeling like I'm never going to get back to work! Sheesh!

So on Wednesday (yes, two days after Christmas and the first day of our family reunion), Dad and I trekked to Children's at 7:30 to do labs, CXR, the usual. Labs--OK, CXR--good, PFTs--getting better, especially the DLCO, which is good. We had finished the IV drugs on Christmas day and we didn't restart those, oh the joy! So Dr. A listens to me, still hears a few things in there, and orders a CT scan. CT scan OK, BUT he wants to see me on Tuesday (the day I was going back to work, Opening Day for the 127th, a big day and I need to be there!), for a regular appointment which may include: 1) a two-hour steriod infusion (grr) OR 2) a bronch (DOUBLE GRR). If it's a bronch, that means I'm out for the whole day and possibly Wednesday. Needless to say these developments do not make me happy. At All. What a way to start the new year...I just want to go back to work!!!

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