Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday update

Forgive the typing I've got a SAT monitor attached to my right hand, so there will be typos, probably...

We;re messing with insulin doses since I'm on so many steriods, and we're trying to get the numbers down from 330, where they are now they were 370 something earlier, which is really high for me. The highest I've ever been before was 300, and that was definitely an outlier in my data. Other than that, we're still doing levoquin by mouth and valcyte (I think?) IV, plus the steriods IV. I still don't know if I;lll ggo home on IV meds, which wouldn't be too bad, but I;d like to be done by Christmas because who wants to be pushing drugs over Christmas? Not me, that's for sure. Especially since I'd liek to be able to take regular baths and such, which is hard when accessed. It's a lot nicer with a port since mom knows how to access it, so we can undo it when we want, but we still can't be undoing it every day since there's only a limited number of times you can access the port site before you need to replace the whole thing. Granted, it's alike a couple 1,000 times or something, but still. We'll cross that bridget when we get to it, though, I;m not going to worry about it now.

Everything else going rpetty well. The cough is a lot better, and so is the chest pain. I;m still pretty short of breath even thoguh I went around the hospital with my parents today (well to the gift shop and the cafeteria, but still that's 'around', technically.)

Cultures looking good so far no sign of rejection, hurrah! So that's it for now, we should know some more in the AM after Dr. Shell, David (the new fellow), Dr. Patel and Julie have powwowed. The biggest thing I think now is the blood sugar.

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