Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I'm not dead yet!

As they sing in "Spamalot", but if you were listening to my psychotic pulse ox monitor, you would think I was!
For the unitiated--the pulse ox monitor measures how much oxygen is in my blood and my heart rate. The O2 levels have been OK (97-100), but the heart rate monitor seems to tihnk I'm either braycardic (like with 30 bpm on my heart) or it's 160 beats per minute. Either of which, I'd be pretty aware of because I'd probably be passed out and not typing to you people! Gotta love medical equipment...
BSL are OK, still in the mid-300s, which are high but not as high as they've been. As we taper off on the steriods we should get them under better control.
Had my first visitors--Missy and her son, Nathan, who is an adorable first grader as SPX> He and his older sister, Sarah, have atypical CF so they're here a lot. He had a visit with the cardiologist (everything's good, yeah!) so they stopped up here for a bit afterwards, bearing a balloon that Nathan picked, Chocolate covered pretzels (yummy! I can have those but not fruit...who knew?) and a notepad. Nathan is an adoraable kid--he wants a drum set for Christmas. What fun for the family, eh? :)

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