Friday, December 08, 2006


Well, I guess if the first time one gets sick post-tx is at almost 16 months out, then I don't have that much to complain about. Still...

Starting last weekend I had this dry cough, which David was a bit worried about but I wasn't. As long as it wasn't productive I wasn't going to worry too much about it. Well it became productive, but of course this week was loaded to the gills at work so I couldn't just leisurely not show up. So I didn't call clinic until yesterday, and I went in to have tests done, etc. PFTs were down a few points, and my sats were 97 (as opposed to 100 or 99, like they usually are when I go in) but I didn't have a fever, which was good. apparently fever is like the great big warning sign. I gave them a sputum culture (man I sooo though I was done with those) and Julie did a saline wash (a lot of fun, trust me. It didn't hurt but it felt...odd) and we did the usual CXR. I should have the test results back soon from those but Dr. A wasn't too concerned re: the PFTs and the CXR. So I'm on Levoquin and we'll see what happens. My joints are sore, which isn't new, but it's new ones, like my shoulders. I mean, your shoulders hurting? Something you don't think about until it's actually happening.

Of course all this has to happen right before Christmas and Messiah . Hopefully the levoquin will get this and all will be good...because next week is nutty at work too!!!

And,....not related to tx, but happy birthday to my godson! He's 9 today!

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