Tuesday, December 12, 2006

At the resort...

Hooah, here I am, hanging out at Children's. :)
Yesterday I came in for a follow-up appointment, which lead to a bronch/biospy being scheduled for 11. I figured that would happen, since the levoquin didn't seem to be working the way it was supposed to. I was still coughing, short of breath and having a little bit of chest pain. Not a lot, but enough to mention. So we did the bronch and I was admitted to C5 (the new tx floor here) afterwards.
I'm on steriods four (!) times a day, and an IV antibiotic. The preliminary results show that there isn't any rejection (yay!) and it looks like I just got whatever everyone else has that's been going around, but since it's me we're being extra-careful. Oh well. Better than than not careful enough, I suppose. Best thing about these new rooms is they have private bathrooms with tubs (!!) so I can wash my hair and all that good stuff without it being a total ordeal. No trekking down the hallway to use the public bathroom before someone else walked in on us. What fun that was, let me tell you!
Looks like I might be here until Thurs/Friday, not totally sure yet. But since I have computer access I'll keep you all updated...

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