Monday, December 18, 2006

Follow up report

Had a lovely time visiting Dr. A and crew this morning--blood, CXR, PFTs, the normal. Things are stable, but not improving (well, in a statistically significant way, anyway), and Dr. A said that it might take 1-2 weeks for things to get better. Which means I have to "slow down cowgirl" and not be running all over the place. Sigh. So no work for me, which is kind of killing me because mentally, I'm good. I just get short of breath and tired and with the messing with the steriods my bones/joints are being cranky, too. So physically it's probably a good thing I'm not at work. Besides the fact that I'm still slightly "puffy" (oh I am so hoping that's what it is, anyway, I am trying so hard to be good), so I don't look my usual awesome self. :) I go back on Thursday for another follow-up, the pre-Christmas tune-up :), so we'll see what happens then. We did add flovent (inhaled steriod) to the drug regimen, so we'll see if that helps. Fortunately the Thursday visit is just a clinic appt. so no blood or CXR, which means I can sleep a little longer. :) Of course, all of this might also delay my surgery which was scheduled for 1/17, so who knows? Not that I mind. I want to get all this straightened out before we start poking around in my head, and I know Dr. A is on board with that.

A note: as we were sitting in the Infusion clinic and mom was pushing the IV med, she says, "well, in a week we'll be opening presents." And I'll be done with the IV course--yay! So I'm looking forward to Christmas morning...which is less than a week away!

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