Sunday, December 17, 2006

Beauty and the Port

I gotta say, the port is great for a lot of things. But one thing that has always been a challenge is keeping up w/ my hygenie regimine when on home IVs. The problem is, port, peripheral, PICC, whatever, you can't get the IV site wet. That's bad. So over the years we've evolved...with the PICCs or whatever, you can just wrap the arm in saran wrap, throw it out of the tub and basically take a normal bath. Can't do that with ports due to their placement, so it ends up being this two step process-first hair, then the body. Once a week, when the needle is changed, you can have a glorious bath/shower and try to take care of everyhthing at one...which is what I did yesterday. Shaving, exfoliating, the whole nine yards.

The hair is really the problem. I can take a bath just by sitting in the water and washing up, no problem. But the hair is just ridiculous. When you try to wash it quickly it looks awful and only lasts a few days before it looks yucky. The other thing is you try to get all your "errands" out of the way when you have good hair because that doesn't last very long, especially since my hair is fine and tends to look pooey after a few days, anyway. It needs constant love. Which I don't like to do, because i'm not a hair girl. And my family really does not love washing my hair, let me tell you. Mom has threatened to shave my head on more than one occasion because it 's just such a hassle.

Anyone have any ideas on how to keep hair nice? Last night I slept with it in a low bun, which worked, but my head hurt. Not a good trade-off. The things we do to look good, eh?

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