Saturday, December 16, 2006

Back home

Well finally back home, dishcarged late always! We had some problems with the port last night. I have a "floater" kind of port, which means that it likes to move around and not stay still, so once it's accessed it can move around and make pushing the meds in tricky. The meds went in OK (veeeeerrrryyy slowly) so we have to re-access today but everything's fine now. I actually took a real bath this morning, with exfoliating and shaving and all that good stuff so I feel like a real human being again. :) Also grabbed some things from my apartment so I can hang out here until Christmas.

Nothing much to report...feeling OK. The Vfend has been doubled so I think that's making me kind of spacy. It can also make you dizzy so I'm not going to try to drive until the spaciness clears up somewhat. On the plus side, my brother got me The Devil Wears Prada for my Christmas gift, so I can watch that! I can also catch up on some reading...

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