Saturday, October 10, 2009

To Market, to Market

This week's marketing: 
--6 Buckeyes (because it's Fall in Ohio and that's what you eat)
--1 lb. apples
--Yellow (sweet) onions
--Red onions
--Sun dried tomatoes
--candied rosemary walnuts
--fat-free milk black currants for an Irish Soda bread I want to make
--peppers--and I LOVE these, they're red, orange and green! I'm going to put them on a pizza tomorrow.
--Cherry tomatoes


Jane said...

Um ... what's a buckeye? I figured it was like a Sooner ... but its a food? Oh all the things I don't know about!

Emily said...

It is a glorious food. :) It is a peanut butter ball wrapped in chocolate, except for a small part, thereby resembling a buckeye nut. :)