Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prayers, please

Could y'all please pray for my grandfather? He's in the hospital for tests, which is no fun at any time, and even less fun when you're 85.
Both my grandparents have been huge influences on me, both spiritually and musically. Both of them attend daily Mass and sing in their parish choir. Pa (as we call him) is a member of St. VIncent de Paul, and my grandma plays the piano at Mass sometimes. My grandpa is also a composer/music teacher, who is the one responsible for all of my aunts and uncles (and my mom) being instrumentalists. He also has perfect pitch and tunes our piano whenever he comes down.
Neither of them have missed any of my theater/talent show/choir performances. And they raised 8 kids on one salary.
Yeah, they both rock.
My parents are going up there this weekend to visit the fam. So any prayers, etc. are appreciated. There are a whole bunch of us that still want--and need--him around. :)

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