Saturday, October 10, 2009

New adventure

Sorry for the AWOL-ness this week--things have been...unsettled.
I missed my alarm TWICE this week, making me super-late for work. So on Thursday morning, when I actually got up at the appropriate time, I thought, today has to be better than the last two days. 
Eh...not so much.
If you've been reading this blog for the past month or so, you know my body's been doing it's "I hate you" dance, which drives me up a wall, especially when there seems to be no reason for this activity.
There might be a reason, after all. Found totally accidentially, during this ER run-in.
(read that, if you haven't, then come back, or the rest of this won't make sense. I'll wait.)

OK, so remember that part about the CT scan? Which took a ridiculous amount of time to do, because my veins are just, well, awful? Yeah. Apparently, while the point of that CT scan was to look for blood clots in my lungs, I got a phone call from the transplant nurse Thursday afternoon indicating they had found something else--something on my thyroid gland.

They sent the scan to my ENT, Dr. W, who said he wanted a needle biopsy done of the gland. So we set it up for next Thursday morning, in interventional radiology (home of the PICC lines).

Up until this point, I didn't even know where my thyroid gland was. I knew it was responsible for all sorts of things--weight, emotions, etc., etc. The gland is butterfly-shaped, and located right under the Adam's apple (which, coincidentially, is the same spot where I have had a really sort throat for the past week or so.).

I'm glad the scan picked this up, because, as we know, I've been feeling really off for awhile now, and if we can figure out way I'd be super-happy. I am a bit nervous because it's 1) a procedure I've never had done before and 2) my immediate thought was thyroid cancer, which doesn't sound like it would be all that fun.

So that's what been going on with me. I have been trying to treat my body very, very nicely, doing what it wants (that involves sleeping when it wants, too) and generally trying not to berate myself for feeling like a bump on a log. It turns out there well may be a medical reason for this.


Jane said...

Yuck. I'll be keeping you in my prayers. And, I actually know where the thyroid is. That is one of the few things I do know about. Keep us updated!

Emily said...

Thanks. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated....