Sunday, October 25, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Vol. XVI

OK, so this is really more "Seven Quick Takes" weekend, but I was a bit busy on Friday, hanging with my brother. Our parents were out of town, so we went to Uno's for dinner, then back to our parents' for some movie watching. Bryan had never seen the Lord of the Rings movies, so we watched the first one. I normally don't watch that one, because my favorite character is Eowyn, and she's not in that one. So I had forgotten how long that version is--even in the theatrical release! (I only have one--Return of the King--in the extended version.) But Bryan seemed to like it, so we'll have to get in the other two soon.

My grandpa was discharged from the hospital yesterday, so that is great news. My mom is staying with my grandparents this week, and my dad will go pick her up next weekend. So it's just my dad and brother at home this week, which means I might get to cook for them, which I really like doing. They like fish and mushrooms, two things my mom doesn't like, so when she's gone I get to make those things for them. But I do miss mom.

Speaking of food, I made my favorite salmon dish last night after a run to the North Market. It's sort of becoming a habit to go there on Saturdays (with, seemingly, the rest of the city), and it's so much fun to pick and choose what to buy and see all the tasty things for sale.

Yesterday was wretched in Ohio--the sort of grey and ugly fall days I hate. But it was an excellent day to stay inside, bake, watch college football, and finish the LOTR movies. :)

This week is pretty busy--blood draw to check thyroid stuff, cooking/laundry with dad and Bryan, voice on Thursday, and then Jackets/Penguins game on Friday. That should be really exciting, since both teams are doing well, and I'm looking forward to it. Dad and I are going together. He took me to my first Penguins game when I was seven (Pens versus Whalers, Pens lost), and we still go to games together. It's a good thing.

Speaking of voice--lessons are going really well. I think Robin and I have found a new audition piece--we'll find out at  my next lesson! We have to chop the song into 16 bars, because that's what most auditions require. Whoever came up with 16 bars ought to be racked. I mean, come on--show range, emotion, style, etc. in 16 measly bars? Ridiculous.

Auditions: I've got two in the next two months. One for Pleasure Guild's Music Man, and one for Gallery Player's Company. Music Man is in November, and Company is right before Christmas.

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