Monday, August 31, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook--August 31, 2009

Outside My Window ...

All the windows are open again! It's about 72 degrees here and WONDERFUL.

I am listening to...
the traffic on I-70, outside my window. And the "Into the Woods" soundtrack.


To Live the Liturgy...

Liturgy of the hours (I'm getting on board w/ this), Bible Reading, spiritual reading daily, rosary.

To Fit and Happy...

Gym. Are you surprised? And ballet classes start this week!


I am thankful for...
Beautiful weather; the changing of the seasons

I am pondering ...

What I'm going to have for dinner.
From the kitchen ...
Not sure. I need to plan something...

I am wearing ...

jeans, a V-neck t-shirt from Banana Republic that I've worn so often it has a hole in the side. But I really like it and only wear it around the house so the hole's OK.

I am creating ...
Music--voice lessons start this week!

On my iPod...
"Into the Woods"--the movie.

I am thinking...
This weather is fantastic.

Around the House

Taking out the trash, clearing off the kitchen table so it can be seen, cleaning the kitchen counters.


I am reading ...

FINALLY finished A&J. And then was disappointed. Just not what I was hoping for. Am now reading: We Two (about Victoria and Albert). Have finished: The Miracle Worker, Monday After the Miracle.

I am hoping and praying ...
For a good week; for a friend of the family's
On Keeping Home ...

these candles look awesome. (keeping this link because they are awesome)

And MORE candles: these are what I'm burning right now.

*yeah, I really like candles*

One of my favorite things ...
spaghetti; good friends

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:

Tonight: Parish Council

Tomorrow; Gym

Wednesday: Dinner with parents, ballet class

Friday: Appt. with oral surgeon

Fri-Mon: Pittsburgh!!


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