Sunday, August 02, 2009

Boden Fall '09 Questions

The quarterly "Qs from the Boden Catalogue"

  • Worst fashion faux pas: My all-yellow (BRIGHT yellow) outfit.
  • Favourite birthday present: contacts when I turned 14
  • Favourite bedtime story: Sleeping Beauty
  • Question I'm always asked: "So, when do you graduate from college?"
  • Favourite English word: Prententious
  • Most embarrassing phobia: Making unsolicited phone calls (but I can't do that anymore anyway, thank you bionic ear)
  • Best thing about the 1980s: My birth
  • What gets me out of bed in the morning: um....
  • Most memorable road trip: Columbus to DC, winter '04
  • If men got pregnant: Humanity would cases to exist
  • Best way to flatter a man: LAugh at his jokes
  • My cure for insomnia: milk
  • What music would you listen to on a roadtrip: Anything with a good beat.
  • In my next life I'm going to be: Queen of England
  • Essential items to take on a road trip: Cell phone, water, map
  • I always wanted to be : a ballerina
  • Favourite farmyard animal: horse
  • First love: Josh
  • What makes you smile when you're having a bad day: "Pearls before Swine"
  • I always forget: People's names the first tiem I meet them.
  • Most extravagant purchase this year: my new MacBook
  • Favourite party outfit: dress, pearls, heels
  • Favourite accessory: pearls
  • I feel more confident when: I have a great outfit
  • Best restaurant anywhere in the world: Lupa, NYC
  • What really bores the pants off me: NASCAR races
  • What you must have on a girls' night: My camera
  • Favourite cocktail: Key Lime pie martini
  • The sexiest man alive is: Daniel Craig
  • Best way to fall in love: slowly
  • What song would you sing in a big, echo-y stairwell: "I will survive"
  • Favourite fantasy: Living in the OBX with my family, writing a book
  • I've never mastered: Math
  • Best way to flatter a woman: tell her she's pretty
  • To prepare for a night out, I: Take a long bath
  • What is your best party trick: Keeping the food stocked
  • Hangover cure: N/A
  • Most memorable occasion of my life: Getting the t/x call
  • I'm superstitious about: walking under ladders
  • How do you plan to celebrate your next birthday? Dinner with all my friends
  • Favourite party tipple: Champagne
  • Who would your ideal party partner be: Patrick Wilson

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MrsKruse said...

OMG, that trip to DC was insane!!!

Memories for a lifetime...