Friday, August 28, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday--Vol. XI

I cannot wait for Labor Day weekend--we're taking a trip to Pittsburgh to see the fam, and that means celebrating this little guy's first birthday (a bit late, but....he doesn't know that).

Is he NOT adorable?! That's my cousin Kelly holding him. She's a music (flute, specifically)/music ed major at Michigan. She's starting him early.

The last time we saw the adorable Justin, he looked like this:

And that was just in May.
Don't they grow fast? Stop! Stop I say!

OK, is that enough cuteness for y'all? I don't think it is, but you'll get more later.

Let's talk weather, huh? On the way home, I hit three downpours, and no it is lovely and sunny out. Welcome to Ohio. We're supposed to get more storms tonight and throughout the weekend, and it's going to be in the upper 60s. Bring on fall, I say!

Corollary to that: High School football starts round here tonight. Go Tigers!

So, fall is back-to-school. And I am back-to-school, not just with my MA stuff (which is going swimmingly), but also with voice. I finally found a new voice teacher (after, oh, nine years?) and am starting my lessons w/ her next Thursday. We will meet for an hour a week.
Am I excited? You bet. I have a large bag of music I'll be tugging along with me, and it's got everything: Operas, arias, art songs, oratorios (i.e., stuff from "Messiah", like "O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings to Zion"), and the Ugly Yellow Italian Book of art songs that I sang in high school, but there are still a few pieces left to cover. So I am very excited. I'm hoping to learn a lot of new repertoire, vastly improve my ear again, and hone the technique. I have very modest goals. :)

Another great thing about fall? Fall clothes. I love sweaters, turtlenecks, corduroy, cashmere. Mmmmm soft and snuggle things. So bring on the falling leaves!


MrsKruse said...

I'm so excited about bring my fall weight cashmere back out!!!

I may buy some cords this year...I've not touched any corduroy except for my thin wale khaki cord skirt in years.

Valerie said...

So excited to hear you're taking voice lessons again!!!!