Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Still here....but!

OK so I'm still here, but hopefully I am getting sprung tomorrow. I'd really like to get sprung today, but we'll see what happens, since there are about 8 bazillion doctors we need to talk to in order to make that happen. But oh well.
Yesterday I had a few GI scans, and basically slept all day, which isn't a bad thing--except sleeping in hospitals sort of screws up your sense of time. You wake up and you can't remember what day it is. :)
I finished The Agony and the Ecstasy (which I was supposed to give Matt before he left for D.C., but oh well!) and will start The Man Who Was Thursday for one of my book clubs today.
The beach--still on, thank God! Also good that I pack early, unlike some people I Know. So all I really have to do is throw clothes in my suitcase because everything else is ready to go!
The dietician was in today, talking about what I eat, and I basically said I've given up eating, since between GI's new "no carbonation" mandate (which I hope and pray is short lived), the diabetes stuff, and general low-fat food looking, I'm just about ready to say ARGH! and eat all the cookies I can get my hands on. But that, apparently, isn't a good idea. So we're going to try to come up with a viable list when I come back for my normal, regularly scheduled appt. on the 25th.
Kathy also came in and we talked for awhile. Dad's not due for a fe wmore hours.
I think--hope, pray--that lunch is imminent. I really want some decent food.
At least I'm getting my caribou coffee fix--they sell the cold versions in the cafeteria!! :) :)

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