Thursday, August 07, 2008

Books and movies

Tiff just left and we have decided on Entertainment for the Masses--she picked out movies for us to watch on Vacay. I reserved veto power in the case of her picking a movie that was NOT "family" appropriate. (As in, can't watch with parents in the room, like Love Actually. For some reason I cannot watch that movie w/ my parents.)

So we have (and it's eclectic--really, I just let her pick!):

--Cold Mountain
--Casino Royale
--The American President
--50 First Dates
--Little Miss Sunshine
--Thank You For Smoking
--Shakespeare In Love
--Becoming Jane (OK, that was my contribution, LOL)
--Groundhog Day

So yes, a HIGHLY eclectic list. LOL.
Tiff also took from the library The Secret Garden and Rebecca to read.

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