Friday, August 01, 2008

New Medical Adventures!

Went to the GI doc yesterday, Dr. Moussa, at Children's GI Procedures clinic.
I hate that place. It gives me shivers every time I walk in, because it is the site of the ever-lovely pH probe testing!.

Anyway, she asked me a few basic questions, looked over my chart, and felt my abdomen.
Based on the results of last Monday's abdominal scan, it appears I have an enlarged liver.
This is caused by a bunch of things, but since I'm: 1) diabetic, 2) have high cholestrol due to transplant drugs and 3) am on steroids, this isn't reallya shocker.

It could mean several things--fatty liver, or something else. Who knows. So Dr. M ordered a liver panel, which, miracle of miracles, was drawn on the first stick in the outpatient lab. We'll get the results shortly, but I may end up (MAY being the key word) having a liver biopsy as a result of all this.

In the meantime, we're waiting for lab results, and an Upper GI scan, where you drink barium (fortunately Quick-flavored at Children's) and they scan your GI tract as it goes down, are in the works.

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65rosesqueen said...

Emily: I am so glad that I "refound" your blog. My own laptop has been down and that is where I had you saved to my Favorites. Today, I did a search on Youtube for lung transplants, and I came across a news story on you. It was so great. You look so great now and you give me so much hope. I was watching you walk to your mailbox, and I realized that I have never once imagined Megan living on her own. How cool would it be if one day she could walk to her OWN mailbox. You make me dream a little. Thanks for the hope. Much love to you, Margaret Payne