Thursday, August 07, 2008


For the beach has seriously commenced. In fact, short of packing shirts, I'm done. And there's a washer/dryer at the house, so I don't even need to pack a lot of extra--I'm sure we'll do at least one load of laundry. There's a BABY coming with us, for pete's sake.

The book dilemma just got bigger. I removed Flannery O'Connor and added A Tale of Two Cities. Yikes!

And a medical note--
Packing pills can be a huge pain. Most of the time, when I do car rides, I do plastic baggies for each day, since normal pill boxes are not, in any way, big enough for all my drugs.

But! Behold! I have found one that is!

The Container Store sells one that is not only dividable into AM and PM for each day, but also big enough for all my drugs! Huzzzah!!!!

I just finished loading it up, after a pre-trip Kroger run w/ Mom and Dad to get the extra drugs, and it is safely stowed away. The drugs I will need for Sat. and Sunday before we get to the house are in the baggies, because the box is only for a week, and we'll be gone 9 days (wow how cool is that?! I've never, ever, had 9 days on a trip. Woohoo!).

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