Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Books in Duck

Above: photos of Duck's Cottage:
1) The main section of the store
2) The lounge area; I love the "No laptops until 11 AM sign"
3) Me soaking up the joy

Duck's Cottage was one of the highlights of my vacation, after the beeach. A converted duck-hunting lodge, the small bookstore/ coffee klatch houses a wildly eclectic collection of best sellers (there was Twilight and Scott McClelland's What Happened), as well as plenty of books I had never heard of. These are the ones I quickly snapped up.

My purchases:
--Mediterranean Summer, about a chef's life onboard a private yacht (with recipes!)
--Lost on Planet China--a wonderful, engrossing, and hysterically funny exploration of that country.
--Four Seasons in Rome--a new father of twins wins a fellowship to write in Rome. This is his memoir of the experience, including JPII's funeral and B XVI's election!
--Choosing Happiness
--Duck: An Outer Banks Village
--The Insiders' Guide to North Carolina's Outer Banks
--Little Heathens, a memoir about growing up during the Great Depression on an Iowa farm, which I loved.

As you can see, they are mostly travel books or memoirs, since this store had such a great selection. I also bought a hand-made journal by a Maryland artist. The store sells a variety of arts and crafts items from local artisans.

If you're ever in Duck, you must stop here. Or, check them out online.

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