Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A new diet...sigh

First--happy news--I get to go home soon! Like, in a few hours! Yay!!!!

OK not happy news. Well, really not unhappy, but sort of a bummer.

apparently my cholesterol levels are high--like really high, even for me. Post-transplant, even if you're a baby, your cholesterol levels skyrocket. It's a side effect of all the drugs.

Well, mine are really high. So that necessitates a few changes:

--No more carbonated beverages. ARGH! What am I going to do without Diet Coke? I suppose I could just pretend I'm always in musicals prep, which would mean no Diet Coke anyway...and with the auditions I'm planning, that would be true.

--Also, like no caffeine in general, because that irritates GI organs. So Really my drink options now are: tea (decaf, of course, which I already drink), water, and...water. And any sort of juice I make that's low in sugar, because most drinks are just loaded with it. Seriously. Check the label sometime and you'll be amazed. Target makes a good no sugar lemonade that I like, however.

--So no fun drinks anymore. Oh well.

--The next thing--really really watching what goes ij my mouth. Very limited red meat (which I limit, anyway, since I'm not going to buy like a pound of meat for one person. It just doesn't make sense.) Chicken is good, and I can get individual portions of that. My awesome Jeni's ice cream is going to have to be severely rationed. I'd already given up most alfredo sauces, so that's good. And of course, portion sizes, which I'm good at in some cases, and not others (like, my chips and salsa...)

Like Dr. A said, it's really just a normal, healthy diet, but it's going to be hard to drop a lot of these things. Well, I thought it would be hard to drop the coke habit, too, but that went pretty easily, all things considered. And this does give me an excuse (not that I really needed one) to buy the awesome no-fat milk that's sold at the North Market! It's so, so good.

Coffee will be hard, because I seriously like it. Seriously. Sure, it will certainly save me money, but I'll have to figure out another breakfast drink now. I suppose I could go decaf? Hmmm. Will have to look into this.

If anyone has good food suggestions, please put them in the combox. I could use them!

But...I'm getting sprung! Huzzah!

Another great thing--ballet starts up again at the end of the month!

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