Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Computer hatred

OK, until I either get 1) my DSL set up or 2) a computer that likes me ( I think Widget, the current model, is heading toward the big Mac cafe in the sky), blogging will be, at best, intermittent.

But anyway, here are some random things I've observed over the past few days:

1)Yesterday I saw the Lion King tour trucks pull up and unload at the Ohio Theater. Today dad and I passed the theater on our way to lunch and we saw them unloading the programs. Yes, I am excited! Tiff and I are going on the 16th, and we have awesome seats (thanks to the Ticket Guru!)

2) Yesterday sunny and gorgeous. Today--raining and sort of chilly, but then not chilly. Weird. But we need the rain.

3) I hate my internet right now. Did I mention that?

4) Making great progress on L&A. I will try to post more later, when I have real internet.

5) I promise to post the taco recipe--again, when I have internet at home (I'm currently using Panera's wi-fi)

6) I am trying to learn one of Bach's pieces from "The Little Notebook" well enough to play it for other people. So far it's going OK.

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