Monday, June 09, 2008

Vertical kick lines

When I first saw Jekyll and Hyde at age 14, I didn't really think I'd ever been in it.
Much less laying on my back and kicking my legs up at a 90 degree angle.

On stage.

In fishnets.

Yet, that is what I'm doing.

Not that I'm opposed to this.

Tonight was our first dance rehearsal. J&H, like a lot of 90s musicals, doesn't have a lot of dancing, so there's only one number to choreograph-- "Bring on the Men", Jekyll and Utterson's introduction to Lucy and the Red Rat underworld of which Hyde will become a part.

The beginning is fairly simple. There are, however, two pieces that are rather...interesting. I am sure they will look arresting, interesting and provocative from the audience.

The first is to the second chorus of the song, and the first time the Girls sing. My section is to lay down on the stage, with our legs at a 45 degree angle, and proceed to kick them up, one-two, one-two, like Rockettes, except on our backs. (THANK GOD for my ballet classes, is all I can say). We then roll onto our stomachs and do the kicks again, then roll right and up into a standing position. From here, we go into the dance break.

The hardest part for me involves the turns. We haven't done pirouettes in ballet class so my spot was all over the place. I wasn't the only one, but it was really driving me crazy. We do two turns, step out, do a series of steps and then a kick on the right. Like I said, I'm sure it will LOOK good. But right now, it's a bit discombobulated, which is to be expected following the first rehearsal.

We won't have a set until the end of June, when building begins, so, while we know there will be tables, chairs, and a bar as part of this set, we have no idea where they'll be. I am sure the men onstage with us will enjoy this. I just hope I don't kick one in the face, or something.

Chorus rehearsal on W.

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