Monday, June 16, 2008

Practice, practice, practice

Status report:

Dances learned : 1/2
Acts memorized: one
Acts to memorize: one
Costumes to fit: one (at least)
Dance shoes to buy: one pair
Camisoles to buy: one

Saturday again brought AM rehearsal. First up was the chorus line in "Confrontation", which is really cool (or, well, it will be) and combines singing with speaking in rhythm. There are almost no words--everything we sing is on "ah", which is fine. Some of it, thankfully, is in unison with what David (Jekyll/Hyde) is singing, so we can mooch notes off him.

This was followed with a few runs of "Murder, Murder!" which needs some serious lyric memorization on my part.

Followed by "Facade" first and second reprises, which are really OK. The first is ready to go. The second is just a matter of getting the notes down, because I have the words.

Essentially, I have three more pieces to really commit to memory, and they are all in Act II.

Tonight--dance rehearsal.

Wednesday--chorus rehearsal.

Saturday--we begin blocking Act I.

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