Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hoofin' It

If it's Monday--that means it's dance rehearsal.

Last night found the Red Rat girls, once again, on the stage of the PAC. Although this time, there was about 80% of the set in place! The back piece of the scaffolding is up, and we had the pub tables in place so we could practice around them, which made it much easier to get an idea of where the men will be seated during our number. It also opens us up creatively, because now there are props, etc. we can use to further define our characters and make our lives more interesting.

But some Cruel Twist of fate, I am in the front row for the dance break. Sigh. I have about 45% of it down cold. The rest is a wee bit sketchy. But it is coming, really. And I have the end of the number down too--as in, everything post-dance break. There are a just a few troublesome measures in the middle that hopefully will be resolved within the next, oh, 19 days (gulp!).

Tomorrow is another chorus rehearsal, and we get our T-shirts! Yay!!!!

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