Thursday, June 12, 2008


Wow, OK , yes, massive posting today. Sorry!

Tomorrow I have a swallow study at The Resort, down in nuclear medicine. For some unknown reason this involves bringing raw eggs and other fun food, which will eventually be scrambled (the eggs, anyway) and eaten. This is to check for possible sources of reflux, since I've been experiencing a bit more than usual lately. So no work tomorrow, just bonding time in radiology. I'll bring my script so I can memorize Murder, Murder!, and the iPod! And, of course, books.

Also, prayer for Tricia. She's having a surgical biospy (where they have to cut into your lungs, unlike a bronch biopsy) to see if there are tumors or fungus or what not growing in the new lungs. Pray that everything goes OK!

I should probably eat some more before bed, since I"m NPO before the test, but I'm not really motivated. I am, however, veeeery sleepy. So off to bed I go.

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