Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday rehearsal

Rehearsal this AM was methodical and the full two hours, just as I thought it would be. I got to the high school on this humid, sticky and gray morning to find a few of my cast mates listening to iPods in their cars, or trying to nap before rehearsal began in a few minutes. Along with the theater kids were numerous girls and parents for a dance recital that was to be held that afternoon.

Costume measurements continued apace. Our costume designer has sketched out the outfit for the "red rat" scene, which I had to say I like. Big bows for the hair, chokers, camisole, wispy skirts, heels and fishnet tights. (I have never worn fishnets). Our first dance rehearsal is on Monday at 7 on the stage proper.

"Facade" went well, with a few people off book, and a few people still on the score. For the most part, people eyed the script but didn't use it as a crib. That number is coming along very well, with only a few stops for polish here and there. The work of the day was devoted to "Murder, Murder!", the Act II opener, which goes for about 10 minutes, during which Hyde kills of the members of the Board of Governors that denied him a volunteer for his experiment in Act I. The chorus is on and off the stage, signing various things, throughout all of this, and, of course, acting as "extras" for whatever the scene requires (mourners, passengers at King's Cross, etc.). There are lots of solos, small groups, key changes, and even some Latin for the funeral scene (go Catholics who know this stuff...the two girls next to me looked a bit lost when we got there).

There are three other Cap alumni in the show with me--Amy (my year) and Mindy ('00) are a soprano and alto, respectively, and Chris ('07) is Lord Savage, but also sings in the chorus with us. Amy and Chris were members of Phi Beta, another arts fraternity on campus. It's nice to have some familiar faces to work with.

Ken, our conductor, is, as I've said before, very exacting, which is good, because that means when he says something was good, it was good. It's not just a platitude. And few things are more annoying in music than continually hearing mistakes in the rows, and the director either not hearing them or ignoring them. Ken doesn't do either.

So we have three rehearsals finished now. We also ordered show t-shirts today! Next week--Dance rehearsal Monday ("Bring On the Men"), Wednesday Chorus rehearsal (probably more "Murder!"), and Saturday AM chorus rehearsal.

The excitement, for me, continues. :)

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