Saturday, June 28, 2008


OK, so not all of Act I, but just as important--the openings of each act.

Most of the cast was mainlining caffeine in the form of coffee, iced coffee, or, in the case of Jeff (Stride), Coke (He's a big fan of Coke in just about any incarnation). We started about 9:05 with Robin giving us an updated schedule and a few notes. Then Robin had us run "Facade."

We got about 8 measures in when Robin stopped us and reminded us to keep the tempo up. This can be a problem with choruses since, no matter how fast the orchestra is going, you can drag. (Although sometimes it IS the orchestra's fault!) So we went back and did it again. That time, it was better. The movements are more crisp and the diction is definitely better. The entire scaffold is still not built, due to ANOTHER dance recital that's happening at HD today, so we still are improvising.

After "Facade", we began "Murder, Murder!" which is exactly 10 minutes long, when we run it straight through. It took us about two hours to get it all down and to run it twice without stopping. Most people, myself included, are still on book or occasionally on book. I think it will get easier once we have all the words down. part of the problem is the music stops and starts for the various murders, which means it's not like "Facade" where we sing it straight through. So you have to remember "OK this is the part where Jekyll talks to Proops, which means that right after this we have..." And, each break is in a different place so it's all blocked differently. But by the last attempt we had run through it straight, no one crashed into each other (too badly), everyone died OK and was summarily escorted off stage, and we had a complete Act II opener.

The chorus has been released from rehearsal tomorrow. Monday--another dance rehearsal, and Tuesday we run Act I straight through with the piano. We don't get the orchestra until next Sunday.

W: Act II
Th:The whole thing avec piano!!
Friday: Fourth of July, hence no rehearsal in honor of Our Nation's Birthday. :)
Saturday: The Joys of the First Tech
Sunday: Music Tech
M-Th: Tech, Tech, Tech, Tech--dress rehearsal, etc. etc.
And FRIDAY----Opening Night!!!

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