Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day and Birthdays

Since my dad's birthday is today, I thought I'd put up his homage now, as opposed to Father's Day.

I think Dad wanted me to be a boy. My first stuffed animal was "coach", a teddy bear who had that emblazoned on a t-shirt, and had a whistle about his neck. No such luck for him. I was the one who came into their bed and dropped my bottle behind the headboard. :)

Dad took me sledding and attempted to video tape dance recitals (he has never been a concert/theater/etc. kind of guy). He took me to see Jekyll and Hyde (thanks Dad!) and Les Miz. Even if he personally wasn't in to the shows, he knew I was, and now acts as my "ticket guru", for which I am perpetually grateful.

He also introduced me to hockey and helped out with my little league teams. My first game at the Igloo was against the Hartford Whalers (what a name). We lost, 6-5, but it was an awesome game, nonetheless.

Dad is also incredibly well-read. We swap book suggestions back and forth and he pilfers my National Reviews. I got him Liberal Fascism for his birthday, and the Collected Works of C.S. Lewis last year (he's still working on that one.).

He was, also, of course, to my eternal gratitude, my Hospital buddy. When I go to the ER, he goes with me (except for twice!). He spent the night on those awful chairs and couches. He also scours the floor for a rocking chair and has, at times, stolen them from babies' rooms! He also rips Stupid Surgical Interns when they are, um, being stupid. And I love him for that. We've watched the Olympics, hockey games, the US Open, the British Open, etc., etc. on the TVs at Children's. And The Neverending Story with Jenny (one of Dad's all-time favorite nurses).

Dad is, in short, awesome. How he managed to do all this, mess with the Insurance Company (a teutonic feat), have a job and manage to keep the marriage to my mother (almost 29 years now) from totally falling apart in some Catastrophe, is really amazing.

He also taught me how to fill up a car with gas, change my spark plugs, make a treehouse, and cook spaghetti. Definite Life Skills that have served me well.

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65rosesqueen said...

What a special tribute to your father. And what an awesome dad he is. You don't find that many CF dads who get involved with the medical side of things. You have been truly blessed.

I'm sure he's very proud of you. I have read all of your previous posts and you are a truly amazing woman. May God always bless you, Margaret Payne