Sunday, June 29, 2008


I. Have. All. The. Steps. Down.

Whew. And not a moment too soon!

This DOES NOT mean that mess ups will still not occur. But at least there are no more moments where I go, "huh?"

In other J&H news:

After our rehearsal I hung out in the auditorium for a bit to watch the principals rehearse Act II. I saw the end of "Murder, Murder!" and then I watched David (J/H) and Brooke (Emma) do Act II, Scene II, where Emma sings "Once Upon a Dream." Brooke did a fantastic job with it. Kudos!!

The sets are also coming along--Act II, scene II takes place in Jekyll's lab, so I saw the lab table, which is finished (!), his desk and chair, and the hurricane lamps (which I have an odd affection for). It is starting to look pretty awesome.

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