Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bob Fosse Resurrection

Dance rehearsal on Monday--yeah, Bob Fosse's back.

So we ran through the begin of the dance, up to about the middle of the "dance break." Then our choreographer, after tweaking the old stuff a bit and giving usprecisetiming on the turns and kick, started the new choreography.


As I wrote to fellow castmate Amy following rehearsal, "I feel like an overstretched Gumby."

There were more turns, more kicks, more...stuff, in general. I felt like I was doing "All That Jazz" from Chicago. It was nuts. I hope I can get it down better next week. And of course, we're singing through all this!

I got my dance shoes today, though. They're Capezio "character" (why are they called that?) shoes that I got at Opening Night in Gahanna. So at least I have proper shoes for the number now and I can stop abusing my technique shoes.


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