Sunday, January 13, 2008

Watchin' Jane

Persuasion on PBS right now! And until April....all 6 novels, including THE Pride and Prejudice (COLIN!) and 1997's Emma from A&E.
Andrew Davies, who wrote the P&P screenplay, as well the one for as Bridget Jones's Diary, did the adaptations.
Watch them!

UPDATE: Watching Persuasion, which is a highly excellent adaption (I am totally buying these on DVD. Totally.). It just reminds me even more why I love Anne Elliot as a character. Of course, Lizzie (P&P) is my favorite, but Anne is older, more thoughtful, and so in love in Wentworth but despairs of ever again receiving his attentions. And she has one of my favorite lines in Austen: "The only privilege I claim for my own that of loving longest...when existence of when hope is gone." Her family neglects and abuses her (except for her sister's husband's family), but she is so steady and lovely.

UPDATE 2: And just to make Anne more perfect in this adaptation, she plays Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" as Wenthworth is listening in the doorway. It is the perfect piece to express lost love and melancholy (and was, in fact, written by Beethoven to express just those upon the loss of the Countess Julia, to whom the piece is dedicated).

UPDATE 3: Andrew Davies is the man for writing Jane Austen adaptations. The sense of romantic tension he puts between his characters is amazing. The scene in the rain in the shop between Anne and Wentworth--I totally wanted to see them make out. Totally. (I hear that's coming, though...)

UPDATE 4: Wow this should be really good....Lady Russell just got totally dissed by Anne. :)

UPDATE 5: Not really like the whole Harriet in the street thing, since she's supposed to be an invalid, but I guess we can let that go since this is the entire point upon which the plot turns...and courting Mrs. Clay at the same time!!! GRRR!

UPDATE 6: Ahhh the running through the streets motif.

UPDATE 7: Oooh the note!
Love this: "Are you quite well Miss Elliot?" ANNE: "Thank you. "
What Anne should have said, "Well, buddy, I just ran through London's streets like a madwoman looking for my man...NO I'm not all right!"

UPDATE 8: More running through the streets--market this time....(Man I love Wentworth)

UPDATE 9: AAAHHH! Now he's going in the opposite direction!!!!! So back trough the Market Anne goes (if she doesn't collapse first...)

UPDATE 10: Again: Charles: Anne, is anything the matter? Anne: (panting and about to die) I'm quite well.

UPDATE 11: OK now she's breathing normally again. And his hat's office....and wow he wants her. She is "minded to accept the proposal." Wow. Nice. "Are you quite certain?" "I am. I am determined. I will. And nothing, you may be sure, will ever persuade me otherwise." Oh, kiss time! (OH GET ON WITH IT!!!) Finally! (WAY too short, as usual)

UPDATE 12: Anne and Wentworth in a carriage, her eyes are blindfolded....ahhh, back at the family stomping grounds. Her "wedding present". And a much better kiss. A few of them. And a few more. OK 12 years apart, I'd be doing that too. Dancing on the lawn. Ending titles. :)

Now I am off to re-read Persuasion. Ha! :) First installment: Excellent. :) And only 85 minutes, if that!
Oh, and if you want more on Jane, go here.

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