Saturday, January 05, 2008


Mike Huckabee is really, really naive about our health care system.

I"m watching the GOP debate (well, was; now it's Steeler playoff time!) and the last topic before the commercial break was about health care, which I'm just a tiny bity interested in.

Mike Huckabee gave some of the worst answers I have EVER HEARD. First, he says that 80% of health care costs in America are caused by chronic illness, so we should do things to "prevent" these illness.

Well, OK.For things like type II diabetes, what are you going to do? Eliminate all McDonald's? Have exercise squads policing our physical activity? Exactly how are we going to enforce these things?

Second of all, things like CF and MS come under this 80% umbrella. So short of killing people, we can't prevent these, Mike. Sorry. (I bet Ann Romney just LOVED Huckabee's answers throughout this.)

Then he says we need to have a health care system that "prevents visits to the hospital." OK, again, nice idea. But what about those of us who, um, need hospitals? Who sort of live there, but not by our own volition?

I know that there's some substance to what he says (that yes, many of our health care problems,--obesity, etc.--come about by personal choices). But really, everything with cancer or CF or MS or anything genetic, etc. gets ignored by Huckabee. It's classical Protestant "The Lord helps those who help themselves" stuff.

And we all know what I think about that.

My boy Mitt did better. Talked about MA's plan, where you can buy private health insurance. Deductibles went from $300 to $180 a month. If you don't want to buy in, you don't have to. But then you're paying if you get sick.

Oh, and drug companies aren't the devil. Thanks for that, Mitt. :)

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