Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Caucus note

Iowa caucus is tomorrow--woohoo! :-D :-D
(Yes, I am a political nerd!)
I am a Romney supporter. Some of my fellow Republicans don't get this because he's a "flip-flopper."

Here's my thought on that: in order to be a flip-flipper, one must flip and flop. Like so:I

Statement A: "I believe in a woman's right to an abortion."
Statement B: "I believe in protecting life from the moment of conception."

That would the the flip. The flop would be:

Statement C: "I used to support the pro-life position, but now I find that a woman's right to (blah blah blah) is an important right that we must protect."

That would be a flip-flop. Or, John Kerry.

A: Voted for the war.
B: Talks against the war.
C: I was before the war before I voted against it.


With this in mind, Mitt hasn't "flip-flopped" yet. He's just changed positions; like Reagan, H.W., and other. That's OK. Deciding to go the other way again is not.

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