Friday, January 25, 2008

The iPod meme

Put you iPod on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up:

1) "My White Knight" from The Music Man (Rebecca Luker)
2) "Crusin'" from the movie Duets
3) "Losing My Religion" REM
4) "Mary's Boy Child" Charlotte Church
5) "I'm All Alone" from Spamalot (Tim Curry and Michael McGrath)
6) "On This Night of A Thousand Stars" from Evita (Madonna and Antonio Banderas)
7) "Dear Old Shiz" from Wicked
8) "He Was Despised" from The Messiah
9) "Traditions of Christmas", Mannheim Steamroller (A Fresh Aire Christmas)
10) "Sun and Moon" from Miss Saigon (Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman)

Now, write the meaning/associations (if any) these songs have for you:

1) The first musical we did in high school. And the lyrics fit what I want in a man so perfectly:
My White Knight/ Not a Lancelot/ Nor an angel with wings/ Just someone to love me/ Who is not ashamed of a few nice things/ My white knight/ What my heart would say if it only knew how/ Please, dear Venus/ Show me now./ All I want is a plain man/ All I want is an honest man/ A quiet man, a gentleman/ A straightforwrad and honest man to sit with me/ in a cottage/ somewhere in the state of Iowa/ And I would like him to be/ More interested in me/ than he is in himself/ and more interested in us/ than in me./ And if occasionally he'd ponder/ what makes Shakespeare and Beethoven great/ him I could love till I die./ Him I could love till I die./ My white knight/ not a Lancelot/ nor an angel with wings/ Just someone to love me/ who is not ashamed of a few nice things./ My white knight/ Let me walk with him while the others ride by/ Walk and love him/ Till I die/ Till I die.

2) This is a great driving song. I love to play this one in the summer with my moonroof open. :)

3) LOVE this song. My college boyfriend and I would play it all the time. Still love it.

4)At the 8:00 Christmas Vigil Mass at my parish, the cantor always sings this piece before the Mass. Reminds me of being a kid again.

5)This is just too funny. Saw this musical with Cindy and cracked up the whole time!

6)I went through a massive "Evita" phase where I memorized both discs and got all the lyrics down. This is one of my favorites, when Eva is trying to convince one of her lovers to take her to Buenos Aires.

7) Wicked is my second favorite musical (it is very close on the heels of Phantom), and this is the song that opens the story after the scene-setting "No One Mourns the Wicked." I love the choral harmonies. Reminds me of college and see this with my best friends during my first transplant anniversary trip to Chicago in'06.

8) This is one of the Alto arias from Part II of The Messiah. I absolutely love it; it quotes some of my favorite passages from Isaiah 51-53. It's gorgeous.

9) Reminds me of driving to Midnight Mass with my family, the air crisp and cold and the stars shimmering. We always listen to this CD on the way to Mass, and now I do the same thing, since I drive separately to prepare for the choral pieces ahead of time.

10) I got this CD for my high school graduation and immediately began to memorize it. Kim is a great Alto/Mezzo (although much more Alto) role and I fell in love with the score quickly. This is a wonderful duet from Act I, after Chris and Kim realize they are in love.

I tag--anyone with an iPod. :) So I better see lots of responses!

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