Monday, January 14, 2008


Book club! Here! Next Monday!

I'm going to adapt the format slightly from last time--instead of mostly having reviews and summaries, I'm going to post my thoughts and then have a few questions. While it is important to have a bit of summary so that those of you who didn't read, but want to know what the book was about, are in the loop, I'd like to see if we can get more discussion going, especially since this book has so many varied and interesting characters--including some that drive you MAD! :) (OK, well at least me)

So get the book. Read it. Link on the sidebar...


MrsKruse said...

Thanks for the link to Tricia, Nate & Gwyneth's story.

Our God is just so freakin' awesome.


Emily said...

I know! I just love Tricia and Nate and Gwyneth. and I haven't even met them. :)