Friday, January 18, 2008

Big plans. HUGE.

I've got a three day weekend ahead of me. That means BIG PLANS!
--making proscuitto and lamb burgers and chocolate espresso cups, courtesy of Everyday Italian. Giada says it's her movie night menu, so, since it is movie night, I'm making it!

3:10 to Yuma
La Vie En Rose
Persuasion (yes, again!)
**What is not watched tonight will be watched tomorrow. Or Sunday. Or Monday!

--Baking! A "Dark and Stormy" Pear Crisp, cookies (perhaps, we'll have to check). If I can find lemon extract I'm making some lemon chocolate cupcakes (Lemon with chocolate icing).

--Working on L&A, so check that blog.

The Agony and the Ecstasy
Liberal Fascism
**All of these are AWESOME so far.

--Music practice
--Faith Sharing Group on Sunday night
--THE NEXT JA INSTALLMENT! Northanger Abbey on PBS Sunday at 9:00!

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